Deliver better online pitches by perfecting your presentation skills

Even reading the words ‘zoom fatigue’ can be enough to elicit the exasperated response that turns you off from a call, event or presentation. Believe it or not, small changes in your demeanour and approach can turn a bog standard call into a rousing and engaging call to action!

Who better to lead your presentation reformation than Peter Hopwood, whose expertise and tutorship is behind some of the most riveting TEDx speeches and global events. 

On the next episode of Word on the Street, find out how best to tangibly show your enthusiasm to an online audience, and why you should spend less time looking at your guests and more time looking at your camera…

This episode covers:

  • Adapting your presentation approach for the virtual world
  • Leaning into and mirroring body language
  • Showing engagement when not speaking
  • Benefits of pitch run throughs and self-analysis
  • Giving your audience a structure before you begin
  • Involving an audience in ways previously impossible
  • Standing out on Clubhouse

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Episode highlights

“When we’re on a screen many things change. So we don’t get to see how everybody moves, it takes a little bit more time to start to get those signals coming through. So that trust level may have come a lot quicker in person. ” – 9:55 – Peter Hopwood

“If we’re not doing things to create more engagement online, people will just turn off. People don’t owe us anything.” – 11:15 – Peter Hopwood

“Letting people know that you’re going to give them something, telling them what they’re going to get at the beginning of the experience is always a good thing.” – 18:40 – Peter Hopwood

“Looking at that camera really does have a strong effect. Because when we look away, even if we’re doing something else, it just gives us the impression that that person is not listening to us.” – 23:30 – Peter Hopwood

“Don’t sit with your arms crossed, try to be open, and look engaged, be nodding along, be excited about what your co presenter is presenting. Because if you’re bored, and you’re part of the team that’s presenting, then my god, the clients team is going to be bored.” – 27:02 – Katie Street

“A lot of people actually tend to do sharp gestures. and when you do sharp gestures online they’re just distracting. They really take away the attention.” – 34:45 – Peter Hopwood

“When something is structured, and we have an impression of something that is structured, we feel more reassured and we feel kind of safe. We show more credibility when we see structure.” – 43:35 – Peter Hopwood

“With our voice, we can actually do so much if we work on it a little bit, if we’re aware of how we’re sounding, aware of the sounds we make. So just putting a little bit of focus in that, and investing a little bit of time with our voice, we can actually change it.” – 1:01:12 – Peter Hopwood