Culture Clash: Company Values & Gen Z Expectations with HappyHQ Co-Founder, Janine Jacobs – Episode 38

Janine Jacobs is changing the world of work as we know it. 


Now Co-Founder of HappyHQ; a culture consultancy, Janine has a background in marketing working with brands such as PepsiCo, Nestle, Bupa, Hilton and the Queen of Shops herself – Mary Portas! 🛍️


 Janine is here to wave the flag for why marketing to your employees is just as important as marketing to your customers


Who knew that employees are not only the face of the brand but also your biggest advocates!?


But this episode isn’t all sunshine and rainbows! 🌈


It does get controversial when it comes to the topic of generational divides in the modern workplace and this time Gen Z are on the chopping block. 


Just how do we balance company values with Gen Z expectations? 🤔


From debunking Gen Z stereotypes to unravelling the mysteries of employee engagement, we’re serving up the ultimate guide to cultivating a culture that breeds success. 


Janine also provides practical tips for defining your company values in a way to attract top talent, and how to bridge the gap between old and new schools of thought to create a truly inclusive culture for all. 


In this episode you’ll discover:


💰Why internal marketing is crucial for your bottom line 

The untapped potential of Gen Z. 

 👥Why bridging the workplace generational gap is not only essential but downright lucrative. 

🚀Why setting clear company values isn’t just a suggestion – it’s a game-changer! 

☀️Why businesses MUST prioritise the happiness of their team if they want to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 


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