Creating Mass Content Reach Without The Overwhelm

Content, content, content – it’s all we seem to talk about in this new multi-media, multi-platform, multi-audience based world isn’t it! But there’s a reason why you hear common phrases like ‘Content Is King’ so regularly and that’s because it really is imperative to your mission to get this stuff right!

Having said how important content is, we also need to be aware that the constant and consistent pressure of creation, repurposing and syndication of said content, to all corners of the planet, can feel like a full time job in and of itself, right!? Fear not, as in this episode we are bringing you the wisdom and insights of the fabulous Katy Howell, who shares a ton of value on the subject. Being CEO of Social Media Agency Immediate Future, Katy highlights how she is able to continually produce large volumes of content through the use of the ‘shattered content’ technique, without it becoming overwhelming and daunting.

We talk about how important it is to build a team who aren’t clones of you, who hold a variety of skill sets. The importance of not ‘turning the tap off’ and how to keep churning out content consistently to be able to build an engaged audience. Thinking of your content with a tunnel mentality to be able to bring people down your funnel and ultimately convert them.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Making blogging less painful
  • Allowing creative freedom of content
  • ‘Shatter’ Content
  • Creation and scheduling content
  • Content Strategy
  • Agency Fame

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Katie Street:

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Episode Highlights

“I see the risks, I see the danger… and then I just get on with it.” – Katy Howell [09:23]

“You need to have a range of different qualities and skills within that team” – Katy Street [11:58]

“We pick ourselves up, you can’t knock me down as they say.” – Katy Howell [13:38]

“The problem is when you’re very small and you’ve just started, referrals are everything” – Katy Howell [20:54]

“You can actually make it look like a very big 6 month project, or you can break it into smaller parts that are very manageable” – Katy Howell [23:56]

“One piece of content being cut up and broken down, but it’s also thinking about the follow up, thinking of your marketing a bit more like a funnel” – Katy Howell [29:53]

“Agency fame makes a huge difference because it opens doors” – Katy Howell [31:20]

 “I think most agency owners underestimate, is how much they know about the job they do” – Katy Howell [36:06]

“If you asked me what is working right now in new business, my answer would be one word…” – Katy Howell [40:27]

“Talking to people is bloody exhausting…” – Katy Howell [42:18]

“People talk about it as Avengers Assemble don’t they, you need people with totally different magical skills” – Katie Street [42:55]

“You can’t get more intimate than being in the palm of someone’s hand, which we are with social media.” – Katy Howell [46:09]

“The biggest failure with paid social is doing a one-off or a 1 week trial on something” – Katy Howell [48:35]

“First of all, you’ve got to position the problem and you’ve got to really make sure you’re articulating how you are the right solution” – Katie Street [51:43]

“Look you should be posting once or twice a day as a rule, BUT those are not the right metrics to measure.” – Katie Street [56:46]

“Don’t write to many, write to one.” – Katy Howell [1:00:15]