Creating Content That Sells

On this episode of Word On The Street we talk with Kathryn Strachan from Copy House Ltd. This conversation features a very proactive and busy MD who started the agency by herself as a freelance copywriter and is now running a fast-growing business that is focused on producing great content whilst delivering ‘American-style customer service’. This episode delves into how great content can genuinely help with sales and Kathryn’s own agency is a great testament to exactly that. 

As well as leading a fast-growth agency, Kathryn spends her time teaching others about copywriting, speaking at events, and ensuring knowledge is publicly available to demystify the often misunderstood world of SEO.

Kathryn is a respected speaker for the likes of Semrush, her agency was shortlisted for Small Business of the Year Edinburgh 2020 and she was a Judge at the 2020 Content Marketing Awards, so this is someone who knows her craft and has grown her agency because of it. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Creating a powerful new biz strategy
  • What it takes to achieve accelerated business growth
  • Attracting new clients and winning big accounts 
  • How to keep staff happy and engaged
  • The importance of consistency
  • Why content needs to focus on helping people and not being pushy

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Katie Street:

Kathryn Strachan 

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“Facebook when we won them, they actually gave us feedback as to why they had chosen us” – Kathryn Strachan [08:51]

“Whatever kind of agency you are, at the end of the day, people are buying your people” – Katie Street [11:25]

“One of my core mottos is; happy team, happy clients” – Kathryn Strachan [11:58]

“I always tell clients, you do something regularly so people get used to it” – Katie Street [22:45]

“It did take us a while to start practicing what we preach” – Kathryn Strachan [24:14]

“You pack the snowball and you push it down the hill” – Kathryn Strachan [27:05]

“The biggest problem that we see from clients is exactly what you said” – Katie Street [30:47]

“The goal of marketing is to turn marketing leads into sales leads” – Kathryn Strachan [31:42]

“You’ve always got to be thinking, what’s the next level up?” – Katie Street [38:04]

“I think that disconnect with sales comes from the thinking of it as traditional sales” – [40:00]