Crafting The Perfect Emails That Prospects Can’t Resist Opening

On this episode of the podcast we talk about the tactics and techniques of creating powerful emails that your prospects really can not resist opening. For this show, Katie is joined by a fellow Street Agency team member Claudia Pharoah who is something of a wizard when it comes to driving new business using the digital written word! 

Claudia helps a number of agency clients by leading their email campaigns and new business outreach, helping them to win work with the brands that need them. She specialises in super-effective email campaigns that drive conversations and result in booking clients’ qualified meetings with major brands.

In this episode, Katie and Claudia look at some of the foundational elements of crafting great outreach campaigns such as subject lines, email sign-offs, creating the right calls to action, and the power of using the right type of language. 

You will learn: 

  • How can you create cut-through 
  • The power of subject lines 
  • Why you need to avoid sounding too corporate with business cliches 
  • How your unsubscribe page can even be a place to add value 
  • The super hack of including Re: in your subject lines 
  • Using a personalised approach on a mass-market level  
  • Making your content sound exciting 

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Claudia Pharoah:

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Networking events were key, they were front and centre for me – Claudia Pharoah [10:10]

I was going to one networking event a day – not once a week or once a month, but one a day – Claudia Pharoah [10:30] 

Anyone responsible for new business, attitude is so important – Katie Street [12:40]

Marketing and new business is intrinsically linked in my mind – Katie Street [13:50]

Unless you can get them to click open and get their attention, you’ve lost them – Claudia Pharoah [17:30] 

Imagine each person has a big sign floating above their head saying ‘make me feel important’ – Claudia Pharoah [19:55] 

You’ve got to make your potential readers feel like you know them – Katie Street [22:45]

Be clever, but be human – Claudia Pharoah [32:35]

I like to make prospects feel like they’re on a bit of a path – Claudia Pharoah [38:35]

Providing something that is helpful and is going to be interesting to your prospect is really important – Katie Street [50:10]

A blanket strategy for automation is a recipe for disaster – Claudia Pharoah [52:20]

I honestly do believe that you can feel the energy behind the emails – Claudia Pharoah [59:30]