Brave Voices. Bold Moves. Women Pioneering the Marketing Revolution. An Exclusive Collab with MAD//Fest – E28

Brave Voices. Bold Moves. Introducing the women pioneering the marketing revolution. 💪 


Calling all female leaders. This one’s for you! 


This episode is an exclusive collaboration between Marketing in the Madness & MAD//Fest. Marketing in the MAD//Fest? Mad Marketing? Who knows! But what we do know is that this episode content is SO important. It’s not just a chat; it’s a rallying cry for change! 


This episode is so close to my heart. As a female founder and women in the industry, I have experienced and witnessed so much throughout my career. We want more for the future generations. It’s time for true gender equality. 


I’m joined by two incredible women from the MAD//Fest team, Bindi Houghton and Aoife Diamond, who share my burning desire for women to be heard!! 


Ever wonder why 60% of junior positions are filled by rockstar women, but when you hit the C-suite, it drops to 37.5%? Us too. Let’s get real about why the industry needs to make some serious changes and bring in more non-white women and badass individuals from the LGBTQ+ community.


Come on guys, Its’ nearly 2024. WHY is there still a gender pay gap? And not even just a gender pay gap, but an ethnicity pay gap too. Shout out to all the women working up until Christmas. Due to the gender pay gap, we are essentially working for the rest of the year…for free 🙂 


This episode isn’t just a listen; it’s a movement. So join us and get ready to shake things up. Brave Voices. Bold Moves. 🌟


This episode covers:

  • Gender balance in the industry with the MAD//Fest initiative
  • Gender imbalance in the marketing industry
  • The Female Leaders Club!
  • How to Empower Female Leaders
  • Behavioural Science and Marketing with Rory Sutherland

Episode highlights


“We launched the female leaders bar at Mad Fest July just gone. And it was such a success, wasn’t it? The energy in space this year was just amazing. I thought it was super empowering. All the amazing female leaders that were in space and the future leaders, you know, you could feel the positivity in space completely.” 2:03  –  Aoife Diamond


“60% of junior positions are taken up by women. But then once you get into C suite positions, it’s only about 37 and a half percent, which is crazy.” 5:52 –  Aoife Diamond


“They’ve been designed by men, for women. Yeah, it makes me very sad. Like we actually but I think it’s like it was the stat was something like women hold 67% of buying power. And that is set to increase in terms of online purchasing, especially in the E-commerce world. Yet most of those journeys are designed by men. What the actual, that’s crazy sense makes no sense. ” 7:52  – Katie Street 


“Not just women, I think there’s a huge issue with intersectionality. And you know, when you look at it, all the faces of women who are leaders look very similar. Yes. No, we need a lot more non-white women and women who are openly from the LGBTQ communities. You know, that needs to change as well.” 8:14 Aoife Diamond 


“One of the biggest issues is the gender pay gap. Yes. So then you dig deeper and then there’s an ethnicity pay gap as well. ” 8:53  – Bindi Houghton


“Ethnic women get paid a lot less than white women. And white women get paid a lot less than men. Where does it stop? Yeah. How can we get to a fair society?” 9:22  – Bindi Houghton


“It’s really important that we have men talking in the newsletter, but also onstage at MAGFest. In 2024, the female leaders club will have some Male Speakers, because it’s really important that we get their point of view across as well. And they are the people who are going to help us make the change. All of us talking in an echo chamber won’t make the change” 13:44  – Bindi Houghton