Bonus Episode with Jasmin Guthmann: The Need for Advocates

This has been a long time coming. As an advocate for the females in the working world, not only in this industry but from all walks of life, I knew I had to use my platform to DO MORE.

… and I am doing just that with the support and encouragement of some leading voices in the marketing and business world.

We are pleased to announce the FIRST episode of our bonus series for Female Leaders Club, which will be bringing to life our exciting partnership with MAD//Fest and their Female Leaders Club initiative.

Since launching the partnership, I have already had the opportunity to speak with many wonderful and powerful females and males from within the industry who are advocates for the change we so desperately need to see in the workplace.

One of those is the ever-wonderful Jasmin Guthmann, who is leading the way as the first official guest on the Marketing In The Madness Bonus Episode Series, talking all things Female Leaders Club – highlighting her own experiences and outlook on the industry as it is now and why we need to see change.

Jasmin looks to the importance of advocates. Both male & female. Who are willing to champion change in the industry. She doesn’t shy away from calling out the ignorance of many in business when it comes to equality, especially when there is proof that mixed and diverse teams are more successful and deliver more and better ROI, yet this intelligence, as stated by Jasmin, is widely ignored.

Jasmin, with others, as part of the MACH Alliance, has set out on a mission to advocate for more diverse and mixed teams and change this. And is there really any wonder when a scary statistic highlights that only 11% of jobs are held by women? That is 1 woman to every 9 men in a room.

I could talk all day about the points raised by Jasmin; however, I really want to let the video do the talking, as there is power in hearing her raw emotions when it comes to the need for change and the importance of advocates when representing the underrepresented minority.

It starts with YOU.

Share your stories in the comments or via email; spreading awareness and advocating for change is only the start. Join us as part of the journey, and of course, if you’d like to be part of our FLC bonus series, please do get in touch.