AI: The End of The Beginning – LIVE with E.ON Next Head of Digital, Creed Fragrances Global Digital Director & Contentful Senior Director #31

Marketing in the Madness is back LIVE in London with a panel of industry leaders on the frontlines of the AI revolution!


Let’s give a warm round of applause for… 👏


🤖 Abdul Khaled, E.ON Next, Head of Digital, Customer Experience & Digital Products

🌐 Gavin Williams, Creed Fragrances, Global Digital Director

🖥️ Charlie Bell, Contentful Senior Director Solution Engineering


Discover the AI tools our expert panel are utilising to accelerate their productivity and creativity; 🎨📈


From revolutionising customer service communications to designing captivating social media ads, streamlining diary admin, crafting compelling content, and conducting target audience research – you name it, there’s an AI tool for that! The opportunities in sales and marketing are mind-blowing! 🤯 


But with great power comes great responsibility 🕷️🕸️ 


How do we get our teams on board with this transformative technology? What processes should be in place for the ethical use of AI tools? How can we ensure compliance and navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape?


With the New York Times now filing a lawsuit against Open.AI and Microsoft, the landscape is getting messier than ever and more difficult to navigate. But have no fear, our expert panel has the answers you need. In this episode you’ll learn; 


👤 Practical advice on preparing your teams for AI integration

👩‍🔬Guidance on conducting your own AI experiments 

🎥 Insights into the challenges of AI in the creative industry

📝 Tips for implementing a robust AI policy within your organisation

🚀 Discover AI tools to fill skills gaps and improve overall efficiency


This is a must-listen for any marketer, creator or entrepreneur who wants to harness the power of AI! 🤖 


Episode highlights


“When I started to dig into it and play with the tools myself, I went, “Oh, my God, this is extraordinary.” Because it doesn’t just touch marketing and sales and content, it touches every aspect of human existence. That is the reality of it. At which point, you’ve got to take a massive deep breath and go; “where do I even start with this?” – 8:54  – Gavin Williams


“There needs to be inquisitiveness from your team and your business. They need to do it, they need to go and say “I’m gonna go and play with that tool, I need to go and figure that out myself.” Go and find out yourself what these tools can do and understand the potential. That’s my approach to it, and I’ve not published any of it, I’m looking at it and going, “This is really cool. This is going to be really efficient for me.” and I think that’s enough for me at the moment.” – 19:58  – Gavin Williams


“Where do you start? It’s actually a very simple answer; ask ChatGPT! We booked out half a day and everybody asked chat GPT how they could do their job better, or certain things that they could improve. So throughout the breadth of my team, being able to do a prompt in a half day workshop, has allowed them to be a lot more productive off the back of it.” – 25:34  – Abdul Khaled


“We’re at the end of the beginning of AI. I think there’s two, there’s two critical things that will happen. First intellectual property owners are saying “You’re using our IP to train your model to then monetise, and we want a slide of that.” Second, if you look at the history of disruptive technology, the people who had the starters advantage, will lobby governments to ring fence the technology to their favour.” – 30:47  – Charlie Bell


“If we teach it to be bad, AI will take over and the world will become a very scary place. So we’ve got to be careful what we as users put in, not just from a business perspective, but from a personal perspective” – 35:06 – Katie Street 


“With AI policies, companies are going to have to be quite progressive on that front and get ahead of the regulators, if they want to take advantage of it. Because they are ultimately the person who’s responsible for the content on the website, and you don’t want to end up in a situation where a company is sued, or found to be in breach of regulation, by not being proactive enough.” 36:46 – Charlie Bell  


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