Accelerating Results With Digital

Software and code is at the heart of everything. It’s changing business and society like never before and today on the podcast we bring you a conversation about how the latest tech and ways of working gives businesses and brands the edge that every company wants.

We are joined by Chief for Business Development Will Sargeant from AND Digital which is a game-changing company that partners with ambitious companies to accelerate digital capabilities. AND Digital have a unique model which bridges the digital skills gap by creating cross-functional teams called a squad and ‘clubs’ with 100 team members who work on a maximum of 8-12 different clients. Their ethos is to guide, build and teach in order to give client businesses an advantage across technology, product and people.

This Episode covers:

  • Recommendations and referral business via employee mindset
  • Having a singular niche can kill your business
  • The evolution of tech from outsourcing afar to local
  • Why technology is crucial in the sustainability of business
  • Business/client relationships and ethics mindset
  • A unique business model that keeps the care and dedication of a small business, whilst running as a big business
  • The Hyper Growth Model

Links & References:

Katie Street:

Will Sargeant:

Will Sargeant, Chief for Business Development at AND Digital:

Get in touch: [email protected]

Episode Highlight:

“We align clients with one club” – Will Sargeant [07:36]

“If an engineer has a problem, 450 engineers will come back with an answer” – Will Sargeant [08:15]

“Long gone are the days where agencies go away and do the work” – Katie Street [10:31]

“The story of the hedgehog and the fox” – Will Sargeant [13:10]

I’m very clear about being honest upfront” – Will Sargeant [17:51]

“I think we’ve niche’d in a different lens” – Will Sargeant [20:03]

“If you are working with retail you probably don’t have a business now” – Will Sargeant [20:36]

“I don’t think people want to pay to be flogged to” – Will Sargeant [21:49]

“I think technology will be at the heart” – Will Sargeant [23:42]

“15 Years ago they said we should get a website” – Will Sargeant [24:04]

“It was too macro” – Will Sargeant [27:58]

“To create a product to help people travel” – Will Sargeant [30:29]

“If you’re doing something different” – Will Sargeant [32:58]

A lot of people don’t want to work with a faceless company” – Will Sargeant [36:14]

“Do you ask your employees to recommend you?” – Katie Street [38:15]

“If you’re not getting the right level of opportunities” – Katie Street [43:34]