Accelerate your new business opportunities in 2021

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to reflect, reengage and react to accelerate your agency’s new business opportunities in 2021. As two shining beacons of agency knowledge within Street Agency, our very own Dom Brancaleone and Nicola Cheese feature on this very special bonus episode of “Word On The Street” to kick off series three.

They share the proactive approach agencies should be embracing, why values and culture are more important than ever before, and the best sources of research when it comes to guiding your agency’s digital transformation, including how best to one-up your competition.

This episode covers

  • How agencies can be proactive in 2021
  • Digital and technological transformation
  • Explaining your service offering by telling a story
  • The best sources of industry-level research
  • Analysing competitors effectively
  • The newfound power of webinars

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Episode highlights

“There are big challenges, but there are a hell of a lot of opportunities as well. So being proactive, looking for those opportunities and speaking to the needs of clients is going to be 100% the way to succeed this year.” – 8:00 – Dom Brancaleone

“It’s that classic thing – agencies need to do for themselves what they do for their clients. It’s doing your research, seeing what’s out there, and what your clients need. It’s just taking all your experience and applying it to yourself, really, for your own messaging.” – 13:45 – Nicola Cheese

“When writing anything, think what the client is getting out of it, because that’s how you need to attract them” – 21:00 – Nicola Cheese

“There are big consultancies conducting research weekly, even daily. They’ve done the work, so why not use it?” – 24:20 – Dom Brancaleone

“I’m a big advocate of differentiation and making sure that your proposition is unique. But you also need to understand that a lot of company’s problems, especially at the moment, will be quite similar.” – 30:40 – Katie Street

“Your competitors might not actually be doing that well, so if you’re trying to be the same as them, that’s not a good thing!” – 36:00 – Nicola Cheese

“The importance, I think, of your agency’s values and culture is probably more important now than it ever has been. Because brands do actually really care. It isn’t just a tick box anymore.” – 37:40 – Katie Street