Accelerate your audience growth using community marketing, with the CMO of Guild, Michelle Goodall

Michelle Goodall is CMO at Guild, a mobile-first platform for communities, groups, and networks.

A recognised speaker and specialist in digital marketing, community strategy, social media, comms, and content. She has 25 years of marketing & comms experience in a mix of agency and client-side roles, including at Econsultancy, Lexis PR, and Access Intelligence.

She has worked with LOCOG (London2012), V&A Museum, General Mills, BBC, Coca-Cola, Econsultancy, Penguin Random House, Viacom, Unilever, Diageo + many others.  

Co-author of Community-Based Marketing (CBM) Best Practice Guide, she has also lectured in Community Strategy at Manchester Metropolitan University.

This episode covers:   

  • Community marketing 
  • Community platforms 
  • The benefits of professional communities 
  • How to build trust and a supportive community space 
  • Making the world a better place
  • Creating your own community channel 
  • Community qualified leads (CQL’s) 
  • How focusing on community marketing will help you grow your audience and business 
  • The periodic table of community strategy 

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