2023 BenchPress Report – Everything You Need to Know, with Head of Commercial at The Wow Company, Rory Spence

Rory Spence is Head of Commercial at The Wow Company, an accountancy company based in Andover, Hampshire. Rory is part of the team that produces the UK’s largest annual agency benchmarking survey, Benchpress. The report was first published in 2012. Rory started at Wow in 2013 as an apprentice, then progressed to Client Manager and Account Manager before becoming Head of Commercial in 2022.

This episode covers:

  • Key trends and takeaways from the report
  • Why you should avoid the temptation to cut your marketing spend
  • Top challenges for agency owners at the moment (and how to overcome them)
  • How to put your prices up without losing clients
  • What an agency can do to prepare for challenging times

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