? How Clubhouse can help you win more new business

Have you heard about Clubhouse? 

It’s the new social media platform taking the world by storm! Currently only available on IOS (sorry Android users) the invite-only audio based app gives people a voice, and a new platform to network with people you may never ordinarily meet or hear speak in a live environment.

One week in and what have we learnt?

It’s very different to other platforms for lots of reasons:

  • Its audio only so perfect for those of us who don’t live an insta worthy life, and in lockdown who is?
  • It plays on FOMO – conversations aren’t recorded so if you miss it live you won’t (or shouldn’t) be able to catch it else where.
  • You have to follow responsibly  – the people you follow and their interests determine the type of rooms and clubs you see so connect wisely or end up pinged into some weird places.
  • If you want to get involved raise your hand and get yourself ‘on stage’ if you’re more of an audio voyeur sit back relax and soak up the conversation.
  • The beauty of Clubhouse being audio only means you can listen along and still cook dinner, walk the dogs or put the kids to bed – just remember to hit mute if you’re on stage.
  • Need to leave a conversation? Use the ‘✌️ leave quietly’ and you’ll go back to your hallways, no beeps, no alerts to the moderators, no dramas.

So why are Street Agency using it?

Simple, we love sharing content, we already have our Word On The Street podcast, host monthly New World of New Biz webinars and publish blogs to share our insights (you’re welcome). But with this invite only app being the hottest thing in town we wanted to find out all about it, and see if we could carve out a space for UK marketing agencies to connect.

Of course as the agency for agencies we reached out to our network to see who already was on Clubhouse and invited those who weren’t and scheduled a room we knew we’d all have authority in ‘Attract and win more new biz for your agency’.  

Our very own Katie Street and Katie De La Cruz co-hosted with Katy Howell CEO of Immediate Future and Jody Osman Group Director of Business Growth at Propeller Group. We were joined on stage by colleagues and clients and even a couple of people that before yesterday we didn’t know all sharing their insights, thoughts and answers to new biz questions.

Photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

How can Clubhouse help your Agency?

Clubhouse is a great way to network and whilst people are buzzing about it you need to be getting on the app and being active. And it doesn’t always have to be in agency rooms your network can grow whilst you’re talking about everything from the meditation and wellness to building your personal brand – in case you needed any more convincing here are some other great reasons:

Build an audience – with minimal effort. When was the last time you ‘met’ someone for about an hour and they wanted to share a new biz opportunity with you? Ours was Monday at about 6.59pm when we were asked exactly that question and received an email the next morning with an opportunity. The potential new client checked out our bio and website whilst we were talking, knew who we were currently doing work for and live on Clubhouse said ‘How can Street Agency help me to grow my business?’

Find new business opportunities. From small start ups to worldwide companies business minds from across the globe are getting on the app. All you need to do is make sure they know who you are and what you can help them with by getting on stage and sharing your thoughts, or asking a question.

Create new partnerships. We’ve teamed up with clients, friends and agency geniuses to get started it’s all about sharing valuable content and learning from each other – no one person has all the knowledge and that exchange could lead to some amazing opportunities for your agency.

It doesn’t need the prep that other ‘events’ do. Yes you need to schedule the room and have a theme or topic in mind to keep the conversation going but by inviting like minded people into that space you create really wholesome conversation that people can either join in with, or listen to.

What top tips did you miss?

The conversation flowed wonderfully on stage and we covered a whole range of topics, and I became too caught up in the conversation to write them all down (sorry) but here are a few I did capture:

  • How to build relationships with your future clients
  • Why great automation is a wonderful thing – but done badly it can ruin your prospecting experience
  • The importance of trusting your team to be content creators for your Agency and allowing them to share their own voice

We also asked our moderators for some top tips (and I grabbed my pen for this part) – you’ll see I’ve included their Clubhouse username so you can connect with and receive a notification when they start a room, or join as a speaker.

Katy Howell @katyhowell

Don’t forget about partnerships that go beyond the client – some of the best partnerships and referrals are with other agencies and tech suppliers.

Jamie Willey,  Business Development Director at Tribal Worldwide London @jpw89

If you’re just starting to look at your new biz be prepared to invest in 6 to 12 months it won’t happen over night.

Sophia ‘Puff’ Story,  Co-Founder at 3 Sided cube @sophiapuff

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘no’ both hearing it and saying it. It’s a not right now so keep those relationships alive and circle back a few months on.

Ben Potter Business development advisor and mentor to digital agencies @benjpotter

Be more proactive with referrals, most agencies are reliant on referrals but that problem is compounded when they don’t take a proactive approach to ask for referrals.

Jody Osman, Group Director of Business Growth at Propeller Group @jodyosman

Do your research! And use a variety of sources LinkedIn, Google, company websites, industry publications and other intelligence tools. There is so much information easily accessible these days, make sure you invest time to understand the sector, brand, the role and each person you are prospecting – then tailor your message.

Katie De La Cruz, Campaign Success Manager at Street agency @katiedlc

Automation is key but make sure you always look at the full end to end journey holistically. Where is your intended start and end point? And always check how many potential touch points one person could have.

And last but not least Katie Street, Founder of Street Agency @streetmate

Solve don’t sell! The proof in the pudding by hosting a room and sharing great content with great people Street Agency already has a new biz opportunity.

When can you catch us next?

Follow us on LinkedIn or clubhouse to find out when we’re next going live! We’ll be looking at a topic each week so if there’s something you’d really like us to talk about please let us know – you can also follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn for little reminders.

Unfortunately we don’t have invites to give out at this time. But as a final final piece of advice download the app now and register your preferred  username, who knows maybe someone you know can help you jump the waiting list.

By Katie De La Cruz
9th February 2021
5 minute read