Flex like a yogi with composable tech

Have you been hearing a lot about ‘composable tech’ recently? At Street, not only have we helped several clients host fantastic events on this very subject, it seems to come up in every conversation about new marketing trends.

So, we thought we’d give you a handy guide to what Gartner labelled ‘The Future of Business.’

What is composable tech?

Composable tech (from now on simply known as ‘composable’) is a relatively new concept that is transforming the way businesses build and deploy their tech solutions. It allows businesses to create customised software applications by combining existing software components, rather than building an entire application from scratch.

One of the most significant advantages of composable is its yogi-like flexibility. Rather than being constrained by rigid software architectures, composable allows businesses to be much more agile in their approach to software development. This approach provides greater freedom and enables businesses to quickly respond to changing market conditions, customer demands, and new technologies.

What’s it got to do with marketing?

Marketing campaigns require a range of different technologies, such as CRMs, social media analytics tools, and email marketing platforms. With composable, businesses and agencies can quickly and easily integrate these different technologies to create customised marketing solutions that meet their specific needs.

Composable also provides marketers with greater control over their tech stack. In the past, marketing departments often had to rely on IT departments to build and maintain their technology solutions. This approach could be slow and inflexible, resulting in delays and frustration. With composable, marketers can take control of their technology solutions and create customised applications that meet their unique needs.

Okay. But what other benefits does it offer?

In a word—scalability. Businesses and agencies can quickly and easily scale their technology solutions as their needs change, without having to go through the cost and horror of rebuilding their entire technology stack. This approach allows you to respond to growth opportunities quickly and efficiently, without being held back by dated tech infrastructure.

Finally—and probably most importantly given the current economic climate—composable can lead to significant cost savings. By reusing existing software components, businesses can reduce their development costs and speed up their time to market.

Why should I adopt composable?

Adopting composable can help you create customised tech solutions that meet your business or agency’s unique needs, respond quickly to changing market conditions, and accelerate innovation. As the marketing sector continues to evolve and become more reliant on tech, composable is a concept that you need to be familiar with to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Time to get composable! (Or at least know what it means…)

By Oliver Roberts
11th May 2023
2 minute read