Content & Strategy Coordinator

Your Role

As a Content & Strategy Coordinator at Street you will be working across a range of different creative and digital agencies to create and deliver first class sales and marketing strategies to help our clients attract prospects and build their brand awareness. You’ll be working within the strategy team to help us win and deliver best-in-class strategic content for (predominantly) agencies and (occasionally) end clients.

This weighting of different areas within this job description may change over time, dependent on the areas of agency success, where you excel and the balance of the team. We do this as we believe that by building roles around our staff, and learning and focussing your role around what you love doing, is where success lies for both your own career and our agency growth.

Core objective

Your core objective will be to help create strategies and content to ‘help the agencies we work with attract new clients.’

Key Results

You will achieve this through:

– Helping to bring campaigns and content to life
– Supporting the strategy team with specific market and client research
– Helping to develop campaign ideas and tactics
– Working with the strategy team to develop well thought out value propositions
– Writing content pieces for our clients – this could be insight pieces, event write ups, award entries, articles etc
– Using assets available e.g. videos to then write descriptions and long form copy
– Having a good understanding of our client’s business and their objectives/targets
– Developing sales and marketing plans based on outputs from our strategy presentations
– Presenting ideas to clients
– Reporting on results for our clients – KPIs
– Building strong relationships with clients
– Ensuring as an agency we deliver on our promises and deliver great work
– Learning from experienced colleagues
– Keeping up to date with current industry news, keeping an eye out of opportunities

Core Areas of Work
There will be some flex between these areas as per the requirements of the agency, but core areas of work will be:


Client Content – Creation
Write copy for our clients, from blogs, insight articles, event write ups, award entries, case studies, press releases and website copy. Any video creation experience would be a plus.

Client Content – Social Media
Some clients require us to look after their social media platforms produce the odd social media post

Client Marketing – Research
Conduct market research and keeping up to date with industry news to help feed into our client strategies

Client Content – Ideas
Using research and platforms available to come up with ideas on what subjects, themes and content to write that is relevant to our clients, and how to improve content to drive leads such as traffic to our client’s websites.


Street Marketing – Content
Helping with event write ups, case studies and writing articles for our own website

Street Asset Creation / Blog / Social Media output
Delivering assets and collateral for our agency marketing

Responsibilities and Activities

– Create a range of content for our clients
– Generate ideas for campaigns and value propositions
– Develop presentations for clients
– To follow briefs when given
– To use platforms such a to write SEO friendly content
– Use platforms such as ALF to research industry news to produce relevant content
– To complete desk research

Desired Skills and Attributes

– Strong writing skills
– Great communication skills
– Amiable with a strong ethical code
– Enthusiastic, with a can-do attitude
– An ever-growing understanding of marketing techniques
– Excellent attention to detail
– Able to conceive and drive strategic, tactical (and creative) ideas for clients
– Strong collaboration skills
– Self-motivated with the ability to manage your own time extremely well
– Ability to multi-task and work to deadlines
– Fast learner
– Ambitious
– Committed
– Curious to understand latest brand, design, advertising, and digital techniques

To apply for this position, you can go direct via LinkedIn or please send a CV and a covering letter to [email protected]

By Katie Street
7th December 2022
3 minute read